11 Relationship Goals To Focus On This New Year

Let’s talk about relationship goals. Well, it’s obvious it’s a new year already. While this topic may seem off because it’s not the regular new year goals or resolutions you expect me to be talking about, it is something most singles need.

I know you have probably seen a lot of the new year resolutions tips flying around and in your faces on social media, so I am going to spare you that and rather talk about relationship goals to focus on this new year.

Some single ladies see each new year as an opportunity to meet a guy that will turn their life around or find true love. For some they worry because they are not getting any younger, their friends are getting hooked and there is pressure from the society and parents about marriage.

Here are 10 relationship goals I am going to recommend you focus on this new year:

  1. Enjoy being in a relationship with yourself. Love yourself first!
  2. Be a better person, would you date you?
  3. Don’t settle for less out of pressure.
  4. Let go of that monstrous relationship that leaves you more heart ached than happy.
  5. Let love happen, give love a chance. Don’t fall in love with material things, fall in love with a real man that treats you right.
  6. Be lovable and cheery.
  7. Make true friends and surround yourself with people you love.
  8. Be yourself, don’t fake it just to get someone to like you.
  9. To honest and sincere with your feelings.
  10. Learn to say no to relationships you do not really want.
  11. Believe in love, love happens. And there is someone out there who will fall head over heels in love with you

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