In Love With a Married Man

This is a very interesting and controversial topic I love to discuss. While some women are stuck on trying to get a married man to commit or take the relationship further, they fail to review the real problem, was he available?
I will address women in love with married men and seeking commitment from him. He told you he’s separated – he’s married. He told you “we don’t live together anymore” – he’s still married. He told you the divorce is underway – he’s still very married.

Some women hold on to relationships in the hope and calm assurance given by men that they will divorce their wife to be with them. My first question is, how did you end up loving or dating a married man? Why are you seeking love at the oddest place? But then, who I’m I to judge you? Perhaps he lied about his marital status, only to discover he’s married, when you have fallen head over heels for him.

If you are entangled in a situation like this, read on:

Stay Away
This is not probably what you would love to hear, but it’s an honest advice. Do stay away.
Marriage is a sacred union, respect what it stands for. Don’t be that woman that breaks another’s home.

It’s very easy to get carried away, especially if a married man is an epitome of what you desire. This is why, if you are friends with a married man, respect the boundaries. Do not give chance for lustful desires to grow.

Respect yourself and his wife
We are all women, we should support and respect each other. If his wife has invited you with open arms to their home, with trust, love and respect, reciprocate with genuineness. Be a true friend.

If he’s having problems with his wife, don’t try to play ‘Mary’ cowering over him or trying to invite him to dinner, keeping him company through frequent calls and texts – even if this is in good will. When he relies on you for help in his marriage, don’t see this as an opportunity to fill his head with spite for his spouse, help him set things straight with his wife if you can.

Jealousy is Evil
Sometimes it starts with a strong wish that blossoms into jealousy. You adore the relationship between the married man and his spouse, so you long to have him. You think he deserves better than his wife – you. So you often tell him, ‘if I were your wife, i would do this….I will be that’. Or you crave so much to replace his wife and get the attention or luxury she’s enjoying. Channel your desire into something positive like becoming a better woman for your future husband.

Resist Lust
The married man is coming after you. This is not new, if a married man is confessing is undying love for you, tell him to go love his wife. Don’t get carried away by his sweetness and luxury gifts. Be a woman of substance.

My closing remark:

A man is either married or not. There’s no such thing as “not really married”. Avoid the shock and lies. Ask a man you are starting to date outrightly if he’s single or married – don’t be caught in one of the cases of, “you didn’t ask”. If you feel a man you are starting to date is not been honest even after you asked, do some investigations. It’s not prying or invasion of privacy, it’s called saving yourself from future heartaches and drama.

Also getting vibes a man is dishonest at the start of a relationship is probably a red flag and you should just bolt. But then it may be your paranoia. You maybe wrong or RIGHT. I mean we are women and human, we can be irrational sometimes.

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