Man Hunting – Ladies Get In Here!

Many have given up on the idea that there is a man out there who would cherish them and make them feel super loved. Have you ever been so afraid that if you end a relationship that hurts or is not what you want, you will end up alone – maybe he is the best you can do. After all the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.


Love is about making compromises and sacrifices – true. But today I am going to be telling you what these compromises are, they are not what you may have thought. To start with, who exactly are you make compromises or sacrifices for? Many ladies are infatuated by a man, they do everything in their power to get his attention and get him to commit but he never does.

Yes there is nothing wrong in hunting for a man you desire, but like I have always said, you need to know when to draw the curtains so you do not loose your sanity or dignity completely. A man will always know if a lady is interested in him either through actions or because she expressed it. If he is kind enough to be honest with you, telling you he doesn’t want a relationship, then respect his decision and walk away.

Never agree to stay friends in the hope that he will change his mind someday – this may never happen. The greatest blow will be to find out he started dating someone else while you were still hoping he will change is mind. Even if you agree to be friends with him, be careful so you don’t find yourself in an undefined relationship – this happens every time.

It has always been said that a lady should not push or pressure a man to ask her out, but dearest lady reading this. If after two weeks to one month of texting back and forth, hanging out and doing fun stuff together, then you really need to clarify the status of your relationship. This is no time to form tough or I don’t want to ruin our nice time, especially if you are hoping or already thinking it will definitely lead to a relationship. This is how many find themselves in undefined relationships. Always communicate what you want from the relationship. Even at communicating what you want and he doesn’t want the same, don’t be afraid to walk away, you are saving yourself from a future or dramatic heartbreak and emotional roller coaster.

Besides, you will be stuck on a man that doesn’t want you hereby loosing out on many potential men that would have made better boyfriends or even a life partner.

If you are going to be making sacrifices or compromises for a man, let it be out of the goodwill of your heart, not because you are trying to make him fall in love with you or change his mind. And left to me, I would rather prefer you save and channel that energy on a man who truly wants this shower of love and attention from you.

Never out of the fear of loneliness settle for less than you deserve or want. Learn to be strong, don’t make compromises when all you need do is walk away.





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